Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating?


When it involves the world of dating and movie star relationships, one name that has been making headlines lately is Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress and comic has won the hearts of tens of millions along with her hilarious performances and assured personality. But who is the lucky person who will get to name themselves Rebel Wilson’s partner? In this article, we are going to take a extra in-depth take a look at Rebel Wilson’s relationship life and discover out who she is at present courting.

Rebel Wilson’s Journey to Stardom

Before we delve into her relationship life, let’s take a second to understand Rebel Wilson’s journey to stardom. Born in Sydney, Australia, Wilson’s talent for comedy pure app was evident from a young age. She pursued her passion by studying theater and performing arts, finally touchdown her breakthrough role in the hit film "Bridesmaids" in 2011.

Wilson’s career skyrocketed from there, with profitable movies corresponding to "Pitch Perfect" and "Isn’t It Romantic" cementing her standing as considered one of Hollywood’s funniest and most beloved actresses. Through her acting and comedy, Wilson has charmed audiences around the globe, and her love life has turn out to be a topic of curiosity for a lot of.

Who Has Rebel Wilson Dated?

Over the years, Rebel Wilson has had a few high-profile relationships with fellow actors and celebrities. Let’s take a look at a number of the notable figures who have been linked to Wilson romantically:

  1. Mickey Gooch Jr. – In 2015, Rebel Wilson was in a relationship with comic Mickey Gooch Jr. The couple seemed to be the picture-perfect duo, usually seen attending occasions and sharing adorable photos on social media. However, their romance was short-lived, and the two eventually went their separate ways.

  2. Jacob Busch – During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Rebel Wilson discovered love once once more with businessman Jacob Busch. The couple’s relationship became public once they attended the Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health collectively. They appeared smitten with one another and even went on a romantic trip to Mexico. However, after a year of courting, Wilson introduced in February 2021 that she and Busch had amicably damaged up.

  3. The Future – As of now, Rebel Wilson is single and specializing in herself and her career. While her relationship life has had its ups and downs, Wilson stays optimistic about discovering love. In an interview, she expressed her desire for a relationship filled with kindness, journey, and laughter. Who is conscious of what the longer term holds for this funny and talented actress?

What Makes Rebel Wilson’s Dating Life So Fascinating?

Rebel Wilson’s dating life attracts consideration for several causes. Here are a quantity of elements that make her relationships intriguing:

  1. Her Confidence and Authenticity – Rebel Wilson exudes confidence and authenticity in everything she does, and her relationships aren’t any exception. Whether she’s taking lovable couple selfies or sharing heartfelt messages on social media, Wilson brings her unique personality to her love life, making her relationships really feel genuine and relatable.

  2. Her Sense of Humor – As a comic, it’s no shock that humor plays an essential position in Rebel Wilson’s relationships. She has often stated that she values a companion who can make her snicker, and her courting history reflects this desire. Wilson’s capability to find pleasure in her relationships and share her comedic moments with the world is a testomony to her infectious persona.

  3. Her Unapologetic Approach to Love – Rebel Wilson doesn’t draw back from embracing love and being open about her relationships. She celebrates love with enthusiasm and shares her happiness with her fans, making her courting life captivating for those who admire her bold and unapologetic method to romance.


Rebel Wilson has captivated audiences along with her comedic talent and charismatic character. While her courting life has skilled its fair share of highs and lows, Wilson stays hopeful and open to discovering love. Her confidence, authenticity, and humorousness make her relationships fascinating to watch, and her followers eagerly await the day she introduces her new companion to the world.

In the meantime, we will continue to take pleasure in Rebel Wilson’s movies and comedy, appreciating her ability to deliver laughter and joy into our lives. As she continues on her journey, Wilson reminds us that love is a beautiful and unpredictable journey, and we won’t wait to see what the longer term holds for this gifted actress. So, who is Rebel Wilson dating? Only time will inform, however one factor is for certain – it goes to be a relationship full of laughter, love, and a touch of Rebel Wilson’s unique charm.


1. Is Rebel Wilson at present relationship someone?

Yes, Rebel Wilson is currently dating somebody.

2. Who is Rebel Wilson dating?

Rebel Wilson is courting a businessman named Jacob Busch.

3. How lengthy have Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch been dating?

Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch have been courting since September 2020, which implies they’ve been collectively for over a yr.

4. What is Jacob Busch known for?

Jacob Busch is named an heir to the Anheuser-Busch brewing dynasty. He is an entrepreneur and has his own business within the beverage industry.

5. How did Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch meet?

Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch reportedly met by way of mutual pals. They were introduced and hit it off, leading to their present relationship.

6. Are Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch public about their relationship?

Yes, Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch have been open about their relationship. They have been seen together at varied events and frequently share footage of themselves on social media.

7. Is Rebel Wilson courting anybody following her breakup with Jacob Busch?

As of now, it is not publicly known whether or not Rebel Wilson is courting anyone following her breakup with Jacob Busch.

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